An Iconic Voice

One of the most recognizable and beloved voices of all time has passed. The sad news of the loss of the great Russi Taylor is still sinking in. This sweet, gentle lady embodied the magic of the many characters she voiced, but she will always be remembered primarily for her work as the voice of the one-and-only — Minnie Mouse. Russi is part of a remarkable legacy of a small handful of voice artists who have lent their talents to voice one of the longest known and cherished characters in animation history... Minnie's debut was indeed the very same day as her male-mouse counterpart, Mickey Mouse with their first animated classic "Plane Crazy." With the advent of sound, Minnie didn't find her vo

A Devastating Loss...

The tragic events of July 18th marked damaging changes to the animation industry. The Kyoto Animation Studio Fire, set off by a deranged arsonist attack, brought the senseless loss of 34 young animation artists whose talent and stories will sadly never be known. Nearly as many artists were hospitalized with devastating injuries. Anime fans, and artists around the world, mourn this tragic loss. An official statement, released this morning, "As a result of the appalling incident that occurred at 10:30 am on the 18th of July 2019, first year of the Reiwa era, many of our staff, including many promising youngsters have been injured, and some have even lost their lives. With their passion for cre


Once a year the beautiful city of San Diego, CA transforms into the Mecca of all things pop-culture, comics, animation, super-heroes, cinema and toys. Fifty years ago, a humble meet-up of earnest comic-book sellers and fans has now evolved into a teeming temporary metropolis as hundreds-of thousands of fans — of every age, hair-color and shoe-size imaginable...literally, participate in this iconic event. A festive gathering where the inner-geek/fan emerges and mind-blowing panels, demos, and installations fulfill primal fandom, pique fascination, and build anticipation for the widest array of forthcoming films, series and projects. Four days of zany, immediate commercialization — but there's

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