Once Upon A Dream

On January 29th, 1959, one of the greatest visual cinematic feasts was released in theaters nationwide, and marked the end of a remarkable era for animation. Nearly nine years in production and perhaps the costliest animated film made to that date, Walt Disney's masterpiece Sleeping Beauty features some of the most stunning artistry by the women of Disney Animation! The memorable voice work of Aurora provided by our beloved Mary Costa; the Good Fairies voiced by Verna Felton, Barbara Jo Allen and Barbara Luddy; and the villainous Maleficent voiced by the great Eleanor Audley! Animators, including: Jane Shattuck-Baer, Liz Case Zwicker, Jane Fowler-Boyd, Retta Davidson, Mary Anderson, Fran Ma

Re-discovering 'Rosie'

The research process can be overwhelming. So many questions remain mysteries and when the digging can seem daunting, we accept what's stated without questioning. Time passes and myth becomes fact. Then someone comes along and sees the flaw in that 'fact.' It may take years to unravel, but oh, how sweet the discovery... A wartime industrial poster displayed in Westinghouse Electric plants in 1943, became an iconic feminist symbol and rallying image for generations of women. Created by J. Howard Miller, an illustrator from Pittsburg, Miller was inspired by a 1942 photograph of a young woman operating a lathe in a Navy machine shop. The photo was published widely, and is believed to have been t

It's About Time!

Beloved worldwide, a star of over 70 films, she has stood arm-in-arm with kings and queens, celebrities, world leaders and heads of state. After over 90 years, her polka-dotted presence continues to spark joy and delight in all ages! Minnie Mouse has finally been recognized with a star of her own on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Nearly 40 years after her male counterpart Mickey, Minnie steps into the spotlight to receive one of the most widely recognized achievements in film & television. With January 22nd officially declared 'Minnie Mouse Day,' take a curtsey, Minnie — it's about time! Brava!!

She Wears The Pants!

The pantsuit-clad women of the Walt Disney Studios Ink & Paint Department in the early 1970s. For many of us, the choices we make as we get dressed in the morning, are probably not that much of an issue. With so much happening in this world, putting our pants on each morning is likely something we give little or no thought to. We often take this daily effort for granted, but in many ways, the clothing we wear makes a much larger statement. As the saying goes..."he put his pants on one leg at a time." This testament of normalcy is perhaps more resonant than one might realize, especially for women. While ladies' hemlines have steadily risen over time, revolutionary change may not initially see

Inspiration & Accomplishment – Starting the New Year Right!

The beginning of a new year always offers an important step in the progression of our lives and our society. Resolutions, fresh starts and clean sweeps all offer new beginnings as we advance forward with a renewed sense of purpose. For me, this marks the perfect time to begin a new tradition of exploring and celebrating the remarkable "her-story" that I was never taught. I am forever flummoxed that these brilliant accomplishments have been woefully omitted from our collective experience. It's astounding to consider what marvelous and expansive horizons we would already know, if these remarkable accomplishments—and women—were taught as a standard part of our collective past. Chronologically,

Magnificent "Myrtle!"

Elizabeth Grace Randall was born on New Year's Day in Willoughby, Ohio, in 1901. After studying art at the Cleveland School of Art, Grace started at Disney Studios in 1932. With her art background, young Grace was placed in charge of the paint used on the cels in the earliest days of animation. "It was a small studio," Grace recalled, "everyone knew everyone and everyone called Walt 'Walt,' and he called everyone by their first name." Grace arrived as Mickey and Minnie Mouse were celebrating their 4th birthday and animation was about to burst into a technicolored art form! Working under the direction of Hazel Sewell, Grace was part of the teams that made the transition from black, white and

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