An Unexpected Pilgrimage

"Pilgrimage: a long journey — especially one undertaken as a quest or for a votive purpose, as to pay homage." Travel opens the soul. Whether for work or play, stepping into fresh places and meeting new people often offers remarkable possibilities. For a researcher, travel presents vital opportunities to garner further insights into established facts, unlock answers which solve lingering mysteries, and occasionally reveal a few surprise discoveries. For a writer, travel provides a welcomed contrast to the many late nights focused in the minutia of the final work, and for a speaker with so many compelling subjects to share, travel permits a chance to directly reach and connect with the wider

"Sleeping Beauty" Enchants at the 2019 TCM Classic Film Festival

A story, well told, is timeless! A simple fact that the stellar folks at Turner Classic Movies are well aware of! For the past 25 years, TCM has celebrated our timeless cinematic classics. I'm old enough to remember a time when great classics had to be hunted down on the airwaves, and as a writer/educator/fan I am grateful for the regular access to so many wonderful treasures from our film past! Now, as we move towards various streaming outlets and on-demand platforms, our classic movie-going experience can be even more — a great thing to be sure — but I fear our collective film-going experiences may grind toward extinction. A full house at the legendary Chinese Theater in Hollywood for the

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