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Celebrating the 100th birthday of this remarkable – Enid Denbo Wizig! T'was an afternoon brimming with L-O-V-E from start to finish! Enid began her career in animation in the 1940s at Schlesinger Studios and was hired by Leon Schlesinger himself.  She began in Ink & Paint, but her talent was evident and she was soon animating on early Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Daffy Duck cartoons. Trained by Art Babbitt and Bill Melendez, Enid went on to work side-by-side with these men on many early Merry Melodies and Looney Tunes. She also animated on the WWII SNAFU training films and later assisted Chuck Jones.

This amazing woman is one of our last living-links to a landmark timeframe within animation, but there's so much more to Enid's story. After losing her hearing as an infant, her mother refused to place Enid in an institution (sadly the 'solution' at the time), and began pursuing every option for her to live a normal life. As a young girl, Enid traveled across town for training to read lips and she learned to speak with weekly elocution lessons from one of Hollywood's top coaches. She studied art, but her natural talent and warm spirit opened every door needed. Enid's career at WB Animation lasted several years before meeting her one true love, Bernard, and raising her beautiful family! 

The day was also memorable as it was a chance for generations of family, and friends from all over the US, to express our love for this remarkable lady. At the tender age of 95, Enid wrote her story for publication. True to form, her inspirational book conveys her spirit: "I Never Asked Why Me? Stories of Gratitude from a Life of Hearing Loss." 

For decades, Enid has volunteered within the deaf community to uplift, inspire and advance the lives of countless others. Her work at the non-profit "No Limits" continues to reach new generations of families.  So many offered testament to her genuine presence in their lives, and the impact of Enid's bountiful love and genuine spirit was palpable. 

It's been an honor and joy to celebrate this landmark day with our dear Enid. Sharing her story and accomplishments over the years inspires new generations of artists in fulfilling their animation pursuits and I am a grateful witness to this remarkable impact and legacy, now at 100 strong! Brava, dear Enid!

A boundless lady with "No Limits"

Enid and her former boss and dear friend, Chuck Jones

Young Enid


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