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A Devastating Loss...

Kyoto Animation

The tragic events of July 18th marked damaging changes to the animation industry. The Kyoto Animation Studio Fire, set off by a deranged arsonist attack, brought the senseless loss of 34 young animation artists whose talent and stories will sadly never be known. Nearly as many artists were hospitalized with devastating injuries.

Anime fans, and artists around the world, mourn this tragic loss.

An official statement, released this morning,

"As a result of the appalling incident that occurred at 10:30 am on the 18th of July 2019, first year of the Reiwa era, many of our staff, including many promising youngsters have been injured, and some have even lost their lives.

With their passion for creating animation, our young staff, who gathered from all around the country [Japan ], along with veteran staff who have worked with us over many years – for their futures to be cut off in such a way is heartbreaking and truly regrettable, and it’s impossible to find the right words to express this. They were truly incredible, talented, much-loved colleagues and friends. This is a devastating blow to both us [Kyoto Animation], and to the Animation industry...

At present, we are working tirelessly, with the injured and their families, as well as with the families of those who lost their lives, doing everything within our power to help them through these hard times."

—— Kyoto Animation Studios

With pencils raised, we hold these artists, and their loved ones, forever in our hearts.

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