A GLORIOUS Celebration of MARY BLAIR!!

In my humble opinion, there can never be enough opportunities to celebrate the brilliant artistry of Mary Blair! The story of this remarkable lady has been explored before, but never with such delight, whimsy and spirit as "Mary Blair's Unique Flair!" This treasured volume belongs on every shelf as a loving tribute to one of the most vibrant artistic voices of the 20th Century. Author Amy Novesky sweetly explores the colorful world of Mary from her early childhood to her groundbreaking work at Disney — highlighting the wide range of her artistic accomplishments along the way. Set to the brilliant artistry of Illustrator Brittney Lee, Mary's story comes alive with a vibrancy and charm delight

A Colorful Part of the Legacy

Sherri Vandoli, the last of the premium painters who worked on hand-painted productions at the Walt Disney Studios, has passed. When I began working on my Ink & Paint book a number of years ago, this talented lady was the last painter within Disney Studios Ink & Paint Department. I'd known Sherri for several years, having worked with her on several press events for various title-release campaigns. I'd asked her to 'educate' 60 journalists on the advent and processes of the Disney Xerox camera and its application to Disney animation. Sherri was unflappable. In one of the last masterclasses she held, Sherri transformed a raft of jaded journalists into animation fanatics! The magic of her dry

An Angel's Passing...

I'm deeply saddened to learn today of the loss of an amazing soul, a talented artist & dear friend — Laurel Wiley. After a lifetime of critical health issues, this vibrant and beautiful (inside & out) lady is now at peace. In my life as a musician, it was a great joy and privilege to collaborate with Laurel on her music as harpist & back-up singer. From countless jams and live performances, to recording sessions and video shoots, working with Laurel was always a complete joy! Her crazy spirit and giant heart always kept you going! And what a ride! Years ago, in getting my career on track after some medical issues of my own, I'd wanted to take the harp in a completely different direction than

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