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A GLORIOUS Celebration of MARY BLAIR!!

In my humble opinion, there can never be enough opportunities to celebrate the brilliant artistry of Mary Blair!

The story of this remarkable lady has been explored before, but never with such delight, whimsy and spirit as "Mary Blair's Unique Flair!" This treasured volume belongs on every shelf as a loving tribute to one of the most vibrant artistic voices of the 20th Century.

Author Amy Novesky sweetly explores the colorful world of Mary from her early childhood to her groundbreaking work at Disney — highlighting the wide range of her artistic accomplishments along the way. Set to the brilliant artistry of Illustrator Brittney Lee, Mary's story comes alive with a vibrancy and charm delightfully true to Mary's style, yet uniquely with its own feel! Brittney's approach resonates with the rich legacy of Mary's 'Unique Flair' and reflects the impact Mary's work still holds on generations of artists who follow in her footsteps! It's a remarkable celebration!

With this delicious dive into Mary's life, artists of all ages will be inspired as they learn more about this remarkable lady and the talented artists behind the magic of Mary Blair's Unique Flair!

Be sure to get this treasure!

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