Significant Signs & Starts...

July 30th reflects several colorful events within animation... On a grand scale, songwriting giants The Sherman Brothers, were honored today in a celebration of their legendary contributions to the animated and entertainment legacy of The Walt Disney Studios. Stage A, where many of their legendary songs were recorded, is now fittingly the Sherman Brothers Stage! From the magic of Mary Poppins to everyone's favorite global experience It's A Small World, Richard and Robert Sherman literally wrote the songbook of our lives. Following Robert's passing in 2012, Richard continues to write—most recently with three original songs featured in the latest Disney film Christopher Robin—a contemporary t

Examining the past to enlighten the future!

Elated to announce... I've been asked to create and teach a semester-long course at Cal Arts examining the historical contributions and advancements women have made to the animated art form! This first-of-its-kind class, officially offered this Fall, is part of the upper-level Character Animation offerings for both undergrad & graduate-level students and faculty! Brava to Maija Burnett and her vital efforts to champion this groundbreaking platform of study into underrepresented groups for the stellar Animation Program she heads at Cal Arts! I'm elated to be expanding the knowledge and mindful awareness of future generations of animation talent matriculating from this preeminent institution!

"Ink & Paint" at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Once a year, some of the most creative minds and talents gather at the original event to celebrate all things animation, comics, film, visual-fx, publishing and visual creativity! Yes, it's incredibly commercialized and has grown into a global fanatic's fantasy-land, but don't let the costumes and chaos fool you! This epic 5-day conclave draws stellar line-ups of top talent — featuring lively discussions, rare insights, and remarkable events — many of the panel combinations — far beyond Hall H — at this mega-meet-up, are one-of-a-kind! Leslie Combemale, Floyd Norman (back), Jane Baer (front), Kathy Zielinski, Nik Ranieri, Shadi Petosky, Aliki Theofilopoulos, MJ and Randy Haycock! Brava to Le

A Notable Editor

With awareness rising on the presence and impact of women throughout our past, a recent article features notable women editors behind 25 classic films from the golden era of Hollywood. Each of these remarkable women contributed to the advancements and artistry of our cinematic heritage, yet one of these noted "lady-cutters" held a silent, but significant measure of impact on the artistry and advent of animation. As a young editor in Hollywood, Blanche Sewell worked her way up to assist Viola Lawrence and a later protege of the legendary lead editor of MGM - Margaret Booth. With Blanche's deft handling of emotional scenarios, she was the favored cutter of Irving Thalberg, saving many of the s

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