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Academy of Motion Pictures Museum


Academy Film Scholar Mindy Johnson

Mark Taper Auditorium

Los Angeles

D23 Expo Panel Event

Anaheim Convention Center


Author Mindy Johnson

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Behind the Magic: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

ABC Television Network

 Smithsonian Speakers Series Washington


Author Mindy Johnson

Smithsonian Speakers Series, Washington, D.C.


Lotte Reiniger Silhouette Animation

Author Mindy Johnson

Academy Motion Picture Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Branch Selects Screening Series


Sleeping Beauty Anniversary Screening

Author Mindy Johnson

Turner Classic Movies Film Festival, Hollywood, CA

"Inspiring and Enlightening!"

"Entertaining and illuminating"

ASIFA Hollywood

The first to cast light on the groundbreaking accomplishments of women in animation, Mindy Johnson’s expertise covers a wide range of topics and themes! From examining the artistry and diversity of the early film / animation industries to exploring the vital role of creativity within our everyday lives, Johnson engages her audiences with compelling presentations and enlightening narratives.

A proven presence at global conferences, broadcast, panel events, private industry, education and community settings, Mindy Johnson delivers inspiring and motivational stories tailor-fit for any context.

Various topics include:


Women’s History Topics:

  • "The Only Woman Animator" – Bessie Mae Kelley

  • Women at the Dawn of an Industry

  • Suffrage Stories — The 19th Amendment Centennial

  • Her-story — Examining the Past to Claim the Future

  • Votes In-Motion — Suffragists & Early Animation

  • Women’s Work  An Invisible History of Women in Industry

  • Myth-Busting Women’s Roles in Film & Animation

  • The “Hidden” History of Women in Early Hollywood

  • The Colorful Women of Our Animated Past

  • Women of Animation Technology

Diversity & Under-Represented Groups Topics:

  • The Hidden History of Diversity

  • Lessons From Unsung Leaders Within Our Diverse Past

  • Revealing Unconscious Bias

  • Empowering Diversity Within Company Cultures

  • Champions of Diversity Within the Animation Industry

  • Creating Effective Change Within the Workplace

  • The Power of Listening — Transforming the Corporate Culture

Animation & Film History:

  • Movements in Motion — The History of Analog Technology

  • Finding a Fairy’s Final Form — The Evolution of Tinker Bell

  • J.M. Barrie and the Search for Never Land

  • Walt Disney Multiple topics regarding this entertainment pioneer

  • Dispelling Myths, Rumors & Flat-out Inaccuracies Through Research

  • Alfred Hitchcock and the Cinema of Fear

  • The Science of Animation Color

  • Color Theory and the Visual Experience



  • The Power of Curiosity

  • Why The Arts Matter

  • The Importance of Story

  • Getting to The Immutable Truth

  • From Notion to Reality — Breathing Life Into an Idea

  • Exploring Magic & Enchantment in the Everyday

  • Learning with the Lights Out Education & Cinema


Additional subjects and possibilities continually explored...

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