A Legendary Passing

The number of artists still with us who were part of a landmark time period of animation have now become smaller. Legendary animator Don Lusk has passed. Born in 1913, as a young artist, Don began at Disney Studios in 1933. A visual artist whose first love was acting, Don's talents proved the perfect blend to advance him within the burgeoning art form of animation. One of the last surviving artists who worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Don then animated the endearing characters Cleo and Figaro in Pinocchio. Expanding on his aquatic animation experiences, Don beautifully shaped the seductively-swimming goldfish within the Arabian Dance segment from Fantasia. You'll see his work on th

Directing Brilliance

The number of women to helm a major Hollywood motion picture are few, and today, are now sadly fewer. As the first women to direct a film grossing over $100 million, Penny Marshall blazed trails for women in the late 1980s with such blockbuster hits as Big, A League of Their Own, Awakenings and many more. She shook up the face and sensibilities of Hollywood, leaving an indelible mark on this industry, but that was only part of her remarkable accomplishments. With her years in front of the camera, within television and films, she also broke ground on new trails for women in comedy. Fiercely independent, Penny was not one to ride her notable brother's coattails, she supported herself and her y

The Animated Ladies of the 2018 Library of Congress Film Registry!

A vital selection is made each year, to ensure the preservation of our collective filmic past. Under the ongoing terms of the National Film Preservation Act under the Library of Congress, 25 films are chosen for their significance "culturally, historically or aesthetically" to document our history, culture and film experience. Preservation of these titles is vital. From our earliest cinematic beginnings to more recent classics, this year's selections span 107 years of brilliance — reflecting the diversity of our world and the stories we share. The 2018 line-up is a splendid list of wide-ranging content (listed below) including two animated films featuring women both on and off screen: The 19

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