3/21 - National Rosie The Riveter Day

© Lockheed Martin A notable day during Women's History Month, is the day which honors the women who entered the workforce during World War II to keep the countries factories moving. Stepping out of the home-front and into the factories, women of this generation forever changed the face of the workplace. Wielding heavy equipment, wearing dungarees, and working long hours, women built ships, airplanes and kept the war-efforts going locally, while the men were fighting overseas. © Lockheed Martin Within animation, studios scrambled to keep their doors open, while doing their part for the war effort! Women artists had moved into animation a few years earlier, but as in other industries, women mo

Highly Deserved Honors

There are many awards given each year to honor the best of the best. Perhaps the most valued awards are those given by peers within their industry, recognizing the work and contributions one has made to their field of expertise. The Association for Performing Arts & Entertainment Professionals bestows a series of awards annually. The highest honor give by USITT recognizes a lifetime of distinguished contributions to the performing arts or entertainment communities. Announced for this year's USITT Conference: Costume Design & Technology Commission's Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient: Alice Estes Davis Please join the Costume Design & Technology Commission, Friday, March 16th, as we ce

The Shape Of...A Women & Her Monsters

The Best Picture Oscar win for Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water marked a terrific opportunity to shed some light on the woman — yes, woman — behind the inspirational designs for one of the lead protagonists of this film. This fairytale imagining of a girl who meets the creature of her dreams, features an amazonian god in the form of a creature eerily similar to the lead swamp star from Creature From The Black Lagoon! The woman who designed the look and costume for this amphibious matinee marvel was artist and designer, Mildred Rossi...but this wasn't her first monster! A remarkable talent and a woman ahead of her time, Mildred was raised in the shadow of San Simeon while her father a


Officially designated as Women's History Month, March presents an opportunity to learn more about the extraordinary 'her-story' or our collective past. Remarkable women have progressed our world forward — then and now! Meet just a few of these trailblazing women of March... March 4, 1917 — Jeannette Rankin, becomes the first female member of Congress. A Republican from Montana, Rankin was a pacifist opposed to both World Wars while in office. March 9, 1959 — The debut of the Barbie Doll! This landmark doll strikes an interesting duality as a symbol of female empowerment, while conveying unrealistic standards of beauty. Still, Barbie has changed with the times and continues to serve as a ro

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