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Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual

Featuring a new article by Mindy Johnson

Hyperion Historical Alliance Press (2020)
Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual 2020



An organizational collective of leading experts examining the work and impact of Walt Disney, the Hyperion Historical Alliance (HHA)'s 2020 Annual continues with in-depth articles on Disney history-related subjects authored by members of this professional association, including:

  • "Amazing Grace in Disney's Story Department," a look at the pioneering career of Grace Huntington;

"Disney Animator Betty Smith-Totten:
  She Wouldn't Take "No" For An Answer!"
  by Mindy Johnson

8-Betty Smith-Totten WB 1945 BW.jpg
Betty Smith-Totten, animating at Warner Bros. Studios Termite Terrace, circa 1948.
Courtesy of the Smith-Totten Collection.

An in-depth profile on one of the earliest women to make the game-changing leap from Ink & Paint to Animation at the Walt Disney Studios.

  • '"A Practically Perfect Premiere," the most comprehensive account ever published about the legendary premiere of Mary Poppins

  • "A Preview of Disney's World," the definitive history of Walt Disney World's first introduction to the public in Florida; 

  • "Wise Dwarfs and Thrifty Pigs," examining Disney's animated contributions to the Canadian World War II effort;

  • "Mickey's Revivals," exploring Disney's effort to find new animated adventures for Mickey Mouse in the years following his 50th birthday celebration.

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