The Parade Passing By

Who doesn't love a parade? An organized procession of movement, music and magic — parades bring communities together in a way unlike any other manner where we come together to collectively mark significant celebrations and accomplishments. Walt Disney knew the impact of these processions. When the day came to open the "Happiest Place on Earth," the grand opening of Disneyland was rightly kicked-off with a parade — steeped with brass bands, high-kicking dancers, floats filled with costumed characters, and the ultimate host Walt Disney, himself! The legendary choreographer who established the opening day parade — the first parade at Disneyland — has passed. Miriam Nelson is a remarkable woman

A 'Trailblazing' Anniversary!

8/7/17 – One year ago today, in one remarkable evening, light was finally cast collectively on the rich 'her-story' of animation! From the very beginnings of celluloid to the digital revolution, women have been redefining the animated form and this noted gathering of stellar trailblazers were rightfully celebrated! What better forum to place women in the spotlight than a standing-room-only crowd at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences premier Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills! The talent gathered that evening was truly 'Her-story'-making! Collectively, in that room were women artists who had worked on every Disney Animated feature film — ever! From Snow White and the Seven D

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