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Once a year the beautiful city of San Diego, CA transforms into the Mecca of all things pop-culture, comics, animation, super-heroes, cinema and toys. Fifty years ago, a humble meet-up of earnest comic-book sellers and fans has now evolved into a teeming temporary metropolis as hundreds-of thousands of fans — of every age, hair-color and shoe-size imaginable...literally, participate in this iconic event.

A festive gathering where the inner-geek/fan emerges and mind-blowing panels, demos, and installations fulfill primal fandom, pique fascination, and build anticipation for the widest array of forthcoming films, series and projects. Four days of zany, immediate commercialization — but there's nothing else like it! Comic-Con is something that truly must be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

In addition to participating on various panels, it was a tremendous honor to launch the pre-release signing for Pencils, Pens & Brushes – A Great Girls' Guide to Disney Animation at this year's San Diego Comic-Con! What a delight to join Lorelay Bové, whose brilliant artistry is featured throughout this timeless volume — in a SOLD OUT signing at the grand-daddy of all fan events!

If this remarkable response is any indication of the official release on 8/13/19, there's a bright future for our trailblazing women of animation!

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