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Inspiration & Accomplishment – Starting the New Year Right!

The beginning of a new year always offers an important step in the progression of our lives and our society. Resolutions, fresh starts and clean sweeps all offer new beginnings as we advance forward with a renewed sense of purpose. For me, this marks the perfect time to begin a new tradition of exploring and celebrating the remarkable "her-story" that I was never taught. I am forever flummoxed that these brilliant accomplishments have been woefully omitted from our collective experience. It's astounding to consider what marvelous and expansive horizons we would already know, if these remarkable accomplishments—and women—were taught as a standard part of our collective past.

Chronologically, here are a few trailblazing ladies whose noteworthy accomplishments occurred within the month of January...

Fanny Farmer

Fanny's first cookbook is published in January 7th, 1896. She is the first person to standardize cooking measurements that are utilized to this day.

Nellie Taylor Ross

The first female Governor in U.S. History, Nellie is inaugurated as Governor of Wyoming on January 5, 1925.

Violette Neatly Anderson

The first African American women to bring a case before the US Supreme Court on January 29th, 1926. Violette began her law career as a court reporter who later became the first woman to graduate from any law school in Illinois in 1920.

Amelia Earhart

This legendary aviator made the first solo flight from Hawaii to North America on January 11th, 1935. Earhart's multiple pioneering aviation accomplishments advanced the role of women across the board.

Marion Anderson

Marion became the first African American woman to perform at the Metropolitan Opera on January 7th, 1955. Anderson became a trailblazing figure in overcoming prejudice!

Mary Decker

The first woman to run a mile under 4 1/2 minutes, Decker accomplished this on January 25th, 1980. Decker went on to win multiple Gold Medals and break numerous records in middle-distance running.

I urge you to further explore these trailblazing women and their remarkable contributions to our collective past.

Wishing you an inspired start to this New Year!

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