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A Deeply Thankful Dreamer

As a young dreamer, the journey of my life ahead could easily be tracked by such milestone phrases as "You're hired," "I do," "It's a healthy baby––" "You've just won the lottery," "I'd like to thank the Academy...." Come on, admit it! We've all planned our dream wedding, picked out baby names and practiced our acceptance speeches, haven't we?

But, life has other plans and the course of our days takes many twists and turns. Jobs come and go. Relationships come and go (though ever-hopeful) and we learn the lessons which sustain and enrich our lives — that our friendships, extended family and the fulfilling work we create are truly the greatest 'lottery-win' imaginable. For this and more, I am ever grateful.

Then once in a while life surprises you and dreams — fueled in hard work — become reality. For the first time, the Academy Film Scholar Award is granted to a woman for animation-based work. I am deeply humbled and truly honored to say —


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