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A Landmark Day

What a day! For the first time ever — let me repeat that...EVER, our House of Representatives is beginning to look, feel and act as a true house that REPRESENTS the people it governs! The number of 'firsts' for women and other underrepresented groups is astounding.

We've reached landmarks that are truly worth celebrating today, yet we're still climbing to equal representation. Just under 100 years since women have had the right to vote, and with women comprised of 52% of our population, we have now reached the half-way point to balanced representation within our governing body. An important milestone to be sure, but as we're a quarter of the way there, we still have continued work ahead to reach true and equal representation. Let's work to ensure it doesn't take another 100 years!

Today's shift in American Politics also brings a fresh tone and demeanor to its course and focus. This brilliant image of children surrounding the most powerful woman in the United States speaks volumes. A clear reminder of the voice we as Americans have — and must guard closely — within our government, for our future, and for our future generations.


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