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I'm elated to announce the cover art for the next colorful adventure ahead... Pencils, Pens & Brushes – A Great Girls' Guide to Disney Animation!

This timeless treasure for all ages, will debut at the D23 Expo, August 23-25, 2019!

When Ink & Paint – The Women of Walt Disney's Animation was sent to press, I was asked "What's Next?" My response was "...something very 'lite' and 'fluffy!'" If you've seen the expanse, and more accurately 'held' a copy of Ink & Paint, you'll understand my response. Yet don't let the words 'lite,' or 'fluffy,' fool you. While you won't need to work out before lifting this 'young-reader' volume, or need to clear as much shelf space as you did for Ink & Paint, I promise you'll find this warm and wonderful collection brimming with remarkable subjects, exciting stories, and brilliant illustrations.

I'm so grateful to have the artistry of Lorelay Bové featured throughout the book. Lorelay was my first-choice-dream-team-go-girl-wish-come-true illustrator and thankfully, she was keen to bring this treasure to life! As you can see with our vibrant cover, Lorelay has perfectly captured the essence of a few of our featured ladies and their stellar contributions to the animated art form — a tasty teaser to the vivid inside-views that await you, next summer!

Twenty remarkable women, from the very beginning of Disney animation to the 1950s, are featured throughout. Short bios, inspirational verses and vibrant artistry invite readers into the lives and accomplishments of these great ladies and the world of early Disney animation. As one of my CalArts Women of Animation History students declared: "This book would have changed my life 10 years ago, the same way Ink & Paint is changing my life now!"

Here's to our future Great Girls and Boys of Animation!

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