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Miss Minnie

Mid-May marks the preview of "Plane Crazy" at a local Los Angeles theater in 1928. This silent short signals the screen debut and first peek audiences had at Mickey AND Minnie Mouse! A landmark advent in animation, "Plane Crazy" is often recognized as Mickey Mouse's debut, but let us not forget his mouse-eared companion — Minnie Mouse.

Minnie is the feminine counterpart to Mickey who, ever devoted to her mouse, wholeheartedly plunges into Mickey's various exploits. "Plane Crazy" sets the tone of the Mickey/Minnie dynamic in an animated homage to the aviation adventures of Charles Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight.

An independent mouse, Minnie definitely 'squeaks' her mind, but it wasn't until March of 1929 before her voice is established with the addition of sound to the "Mickeys & Minnies" following the sync-sound success of "Steamboat Willie" in September of 1928. Then, Minnie's first vocalized 'squeaks' were provided by none other than her originator — Walt Disney.

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