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The Ladies of April

As Spring blooms and Summer is around the corner, it's time to consider several remarkable ladies whose landmark contributions to our world have gone largely unsung...

April 9th, 1939 – The legendary Marion Anderson sings at an unforgettable Easter Sunday concert at the Lincoln Memorial for an audience of more than 75,000!

April 10th, 1930 – Co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union, Chicana activist and labor organizer, Dolores Huerta is born.

April 13, 1933 – The first woman to represent the US as a foreign minister, Ruth Bryan Owen, is appointed as special envoy to Denmark.

April 16, 1912 – Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman aviator to fly an airplane across the English Channel.

April 19, 1977 – The Congressional Caucus for women's Issues is formed in the House of Representatives with a record 15 women serving as Congressional Representatives!

April 26, 1777 – 16-year-old Revolutionary War Heroine Sybil Ludington, takes off on a midnight horseback ride over 40 miles, to warn the American Militia of the invading British.

April 28, 1993 – The Ms. Foundation establishes the first "Take Our Daughters To Work" Day!

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