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Remembering Animator Retta Davidson!

Retta Davidson was born November 1st, 1921 in Arcadia, CA. Just after graduating from high school, Retta joined Disney Studios as a Painter in 1939 and worked on Pinocchio, Bambi & Fantasia. One of the first 10 women to transition into Animation prior to WWII, Retta served her country with the Navy, working for four years in Washington DC. Later returning to animation, Retta become a strong presence animating on many of the postwar films. Always in demand as an Assistant Animator, Retta thrived at Disney studios. "She was an upbeat and very funny lady," recalled Disney Legend Floyd Norman of his longtime pal. "Retta always had a joke or funny story to tell, and could keep us kids entertained for hours!"

Leaving Disney in the late 1960s, after Walt's passing, Retta freelanced, animating on commercials and became an early animation educator at Concordia University in Montreal and Sheridan College in Toronto. Retta later returned to Disney in the early 1980s as Coordinating Animator on "The Black Cauldron" to help train the young crop of animators—many of whom became today's leaders of the animation industry.

Before her passing in 1998, Retta's talents and efforts ensured animation would continue!

Brava, Retta!

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