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A Martini in the Window...Celebrating the Brilliance of Mary Blair

10/21/1911 - Mary Robinson-Blair was born! One of the many remarkable women of Animation, Mary is perhaps best remembered by another Disney Legend, Alice Davis...

"Mary Blair was an extraordinary artist and my very dear friend. Mary could put colors together that no one would think to combine, and when mixed within Mary’s brush, they worked beautifully. She was a very hard worker and a talented artist, but few people realize Mary wrote clever poetry, played poker and had a marvelous sense of humor. One of my favorite memories of Mary was a visit where Marc and I were greeted with a pitcher of martinis and two frosted glasses sitting in the window with a pink ribbon tied around it that trailed off to the kitchen. We were told to follow it. We opened the refrigerator door and there was a candlestick with the candle burning. Instead of having a candle greeting you in the window and martinis in the refrigerator, she had it in reverse – which was, I thought, very clever! …and the martinis were very good, too!"

Here's to the vibrant, colorful brilliance of Mary!

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