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Mindy & Mindy

Meet the extraordinary Mindy O'Brien! Artist, entrepreneur and part of a multi-generational family of Disney artistry. Mindy's Grandmother — Mary Ellison-Allen — was a premium inker at the Disney Hyperion Studios in the 1930s. While there, she worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio. Miss Mindy's mother, sister and husband are also master artists, and the rich legacy of artistry in Mindy's life is wonderfully apparent in the timeless style, masterful lines and whimsical characterizations of her "Cartoon Folk Art". Not only does she have a great name, but imagine how incredible it was to learn of her Ink & Paint heritage! Just one of the many extraordinary stories that are now finally told! You can read about Mary Ellison-Allen in this 'little' book, and find out more about Miss Mindy and her artistry at:

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