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Remarkable Ruthie!

Ink & Paint — finally in the hands of RUTHIE TOMPSON!! This remarkable lady dedicated nearly 40 years to the Walt Disney Company — from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to The Rescuers (1977) -— as a Painter, Final Checker, Animation Checker and, with her mathematical mind, Ruthie worked her way into Scene Planning where she developed camera moves and mechanics suited for animation. Ruthie is not only a true trailblazer as one of the first women in the International Photographer's Union, Local 659, she is the only person living who was in the Kingswell Studio where Walt & Roy Disney first began working on their silent 'Alice Comedies.' "I remember sitting on the bench and watching Roy shoot the animated cels onto film." Ruthie's even 'in' one of the 'Alice's!' "...paid each of us a quarter," she recalled of her screen debut!

Ruthie was my first 'official' interview for the book and just a mere 102 when I started researching and writing this volume. She is now 107 years young and it was pure magic to look thru the book together, with her recalling numerous friends and various locations that are pictured throughout the pages. I am honored that 'Ink & Paint' is now within her library, and elated that the world will know this remarkable woman of Walt Disney's animation!

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